Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An "adventurous" year 2012

I've been absent for a while in blogging, the last post was in February this year and now is already December.. wow.. time flies.

At the end of february I got the diagnose breast cancer! Very unexpected, anyway who expect an illness?? Nobody..So, this year was a struggle against this disease, a very long fight!! Beginning with chemotherapies (6x), after that, the surgery and the last therapy was radiotherapy (25x) ended in october. Everything worked well.
Thanks God!!

Now I'm enjoying the recovery process from all the therapies and their side effects in very lovely beautiful village named Goldegg, around 70 km from Salzburg. I'm doing a lot of walk, being spoiled with very good and healthy cuisine, of course :-) and have some new friends..   This is the 3rd week, my last week in Goldegg and since Goldegg is located more than 800 m above the sea level, falling a lot of snow here.. After the last two weeks we had beautiful autumn days, I'm so happy to see snow falling before my departure on saturday..

Rehabilitation centre
"my home for 3 weeks"

hiking with friends
my fav acitivity during the stay:
walking and enjoying the scenery with friends

GOLDEGG (Salzburg, AT)
the view of Goldegg and its surrounding in November

03.12.2012 Goldegg with its small lake
"one late afternoon; Goldegg and its lake"

03.12.2012 in Goldegg
"Dec 3rd 2012: the view during my walk, alone"

I hope u can enjoy the pictures and I can write often in the future..

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